1_22  HOW WE WORK 

Exquisite handpicked team of dedicated commercial and residential designers with academic background deliver interior designing solutions for both commercial and residential spaces of varying scale, tailored to project briefs and client needs. We take comprehensive hands-on approach and will liaise with you personally throughout the entire project to ensure that you are involved and kept informed at all critical stages.



To begin your project, we arrange an initial showroom or on-site consultation meeting with you by an appointment. Once we have seen your plan or property, this enables us to gain your project brief, consolidate your needs and ideas which are integral to the design process. From this appointment we can then form a proposal on the scope of works & quotation for you to complete your project.



Exquisite aims to bring value to our clients who wish to enhance customer experience, providing harmonious workspaces or improving student learning experiences in commercial premises. We work closely with building management and their consultants such as building surveyors and engineers to ensure designs are approved swiftly; and we work closely with high calibre skilled workers and suppliers to ensure our deadlines are met.



Exquisite Renovation Works had established itself in the industry since 1995. With its functional and versatile approach, this methodical practice had brought the company to unleash many interior design solutions and home styling needs to a remarkable list of corporate and residential clients.


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