Residential : Private Housing – Condominium/Apartment

Private housing in Singapore are divided into two main categories, condominium or apartment and landed property. Exquisite has succesfully captured the needs of the market demand for interior designing solutions and home styling by private housing dwellers since 1995.

With constant re-inventing and remain relevant in our practice, we are able to spatial respond to complex building constraints while achieving results that embody space and lifestyle. Pushing design boundaries for what is possible while balancing functionality and aesthetics appeal.

This portfolio is a testament of our work in the private housing category of the condominium or apartment. It showcases a wide spectrum of private condominiums, walk-up apartments, apartments and private fusion housing namely the HUDC flats privatized in 1996 and Executive condominium introduced in 1997.


Exquisite Renovation Works had established itself in the industry since 1995. With its functional and versatile approach, this methodical practice had brought the company to unleash many interior design solutions and home styling needs to a remarkable list of corporate and residential clients.


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