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Public housing in Singapore is commonly known as the HDB flats. It is subsidized and regulated by the Housing and Development Boards. Only HDB Registered Renovation Contractors can carry out renovation in HDB flats. Being a HDB Registered Renovation Contractor (RRC) under the HDB registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme (RRCS) in 1997, Exquisite is aware of the HDB’s rules, regulations and guidelines when carrying out renovation works so as to protect the structural integrity of the building.

As we remain relevant in this field for the past decades, we are able to unleash many interior designing solutions and ensure that the structural integrity of your flat is not compromised. To date we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to an array of HDB flats ranging from Studio apartments, 2 to 5 Room standard flats, BTO flats, Executive flats and DBSS flats. Exquisite is currently loking forward to a new HDB flat type in the pipeline – the 3Gen Flat.


Exquisite Renovation Works had established itself in the industry since 1995. With its functional and versatile approach, this methodical practice had brought the company to unleash many interior design solutions and home styling needs to a remarkable list of corporate and residential clients.


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